Fit for the future education

The education is a top priority for Aurubis Bulgaria's social policy. As such, the company constantly invests in its development through its partnership programs with the municipalities of Pirdop and Zlatitsa, as well as a number of additional projects.


  • Renovated and equipped classrooms and gymnasiums in the local schools at the Primary School “Todor Vlaykov”, Pirdop,High School "Savo Tsenov Savov“, Pirdop, High School “”St. Paisiy Hilendarski”, Zlatitsa;
  • New canteens at the Primary School “Todor Vlaykov” and High School “Savo Tsenov Savov”, Pirdop and “St. Paisiy Hilendarski”, Zlatitsa;
  • Organized summer language, computer and music courses at the Aurubis Bulgaria Information Center, Pirdop;
  • Interactive boards for training in the kindergarten “Pekka and Carlo Chokonyani”, Pirdop and a the kindergarten “Viara, Nadejda, Lubov” and  “Slantse”, Zlatitsa;
  • New gymnasium in the kindergarten “Viara, Nadejda, Lubov”, Zlatitsa; •Cloud technology in the educational process at High School "Savo Tsenov Savov", Pirdop