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At the end of 2011 Aurubis Bulgaria information centers were opened in Pirdop and Zlatitsa. The main purpose of the two information centers is to provide every member of the local community with information concerning any kind of questions relating to the company. 

The purpose of the centers is to guarantee the right of equal and unlimited access to information related to the company’s activities in each sphere: environmental protection, workplace opportunities, social policy, etc.

Last but not least, the opening of information centers aims at strengthening  the image of the company among the public as having a long-term strategy for development in this region and adhering to the principles of transparency and openness in its work, thus  increasing public support of the “communication mantra", namely awareness → understanding → support (increased awareness increases understanding, which leads to support in the end).

Since February 2016 the Informational center of Aurubis Bulgaria in Zlatitsa was transformed into a Regional center for trade and investment. The new center supports the activities of the Industrial Cluster Srednogorie and the main objectives are:

  • Improving and promoting the opportunities of the region for attracting long-term investors;
  • Active interaction with local government and community for developing of the region and local capacity;
  • Development and implementation of programs and projects to enhance the competitiveness of Srednogorie region.

The Information Center of Aurubis Bulgaria in Pirdop fully assumes the connection between the society and the company. All people interested in our activity have the opportunity to receive information about the company in the most suitable time of the day.


Working time

Information center - Pirdop


9:00 am. – 12:30 pm. and 3:00 – 5:00 pm.

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