ISF shielding concrete

ISF shielding concrete is a building material used for the construction of protection shields. These shields guarantee the work safety of the people inside, subjected to different radiations and attacks.

This type of concrete is used for:

» walls, ceilings and floors against ionizing radiation;

» multi-threat protection from electromagnetic radiation;

» radiation protection in hospitals, laboratories, oncology clinics and waste treatment facilities;

» protection against the hazard of nuclear radiation leakage;

» protection against terrorist attacks;

» protection against extreme natural disasters.


There are several benefits of ISF valorization in shielding concrete:

» Combines structure and shielding system;

» Increases strength and density of concrete (about 2,8kg/m3);

» Decreases maintenance and increase durability of structures;

» Reduction of size while maintaining high protection capacity;

» Thermal insulation capacity;

» Sustainable and cost effective.

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