ISF paving products

Vibro-pressed concrete products are widely distributed in urban areas. The technology of their production requires a concrete mix design with specific workability and flowability of the fresh concrete mix and at the same time high mechanical properties and durability of the hardened products. Alternative materials, which in general improve the properties of hardened concrete, could be effectively utilized in paving products, if they cover the requirements for low water-cement ratio and formability of elements. Iron-silicate fines (ISF) improve the compaction rate of the products thanks to their small grain size, which leads to improved appearance and durability. ISF can be used for a wide range of concrete products like tiles, blocks, panels, curbs, etc.


There are several benefits of ISF valorization in paving products:


» Improved mechanical properties (up to 25%);

» Better durability due to compacted structure and possible pozzolanic activity of ISF with cement;

» Improved abrasion resistance (14±0,2cm3/50cm2 (BNS EN 1338:2005, app. H));

» Volume stability, no risk of alkali-silica reaction;

» Certified building material according to EN 12620;

» Sustainable building material.

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