ISF heavy concrete

Heavy concrete containing ISF is applied in civil and industrial structures, where there is a need for high density and heavy weight facilities. With a proper mix design and chemical admixtures, heavy concrete containing ISF can have a good workability. Aurubis provides a blend for the production high density concrete.

There are many applications of ISF heavy concrete:


» Heavy foundations for structures and facilities;

» Underground and tunnelling;

» Marine structures (coast protection, retaining walls, tetrapods, etc.);

» Bridges;

» Anchorages;

» Coatings for pipelines;

» Lego Blocks.


There are several benefits of ISF valorization in heavy concrete:


» Approved as a concrete aggregate according to EN 12620;

» Increased strength and density of concrete (about 2,8kg/m3);

» Improved durability, especially waterproofing (Cw0,8 & Cd50 (BNS EN 206:2013 & NA.N)) and protection against the aggressive impact of chlorides, sulphates and salts

» Concrete volume stability (no shrinkage, no swelling);

» Reduced heat of hydration;

» Increased abrasion resistance (18±0,2cm3/50cm2 (BNS EN 13892-3:2015));

» Significantly increased frost resistance (∆m=0,2% & ∆f=2,3% (BNS EN 206:2013+A1:2016)).