ISF de-icing concrete

De-icing concrete is a special mixture containing ingredients, which are electrically conductive. Ordinary concrete does not have this property. The composition of de-icing concrete consists of high quantities of iron-silicate fines (ISF) in combination with other geological materials with high iron content and a cocktail of building materials. When de-icing concrete is connected to a power source its ingredients are heated and prevent ice formation on concrete surface. This special type of concrete is used on several US bridges and sidewalks and is invented by Prof. Christopher Tuan and assigned by the University of Nebraska with Patent No.: US 6,825,444 B1. The concrete surface is heated up to +20°Celsius above the ambient temperature.  


There are several benefits of ISF valorization in de-icing concrete:


» Source of electrically conductive components;

» Improves the mechanical and durability properties of concrete;

» Certified building material according to EN 12620;

» Sustainable building material.

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