Consists of four main divisions: 

Mixture and drying division – Copper concentrates are received and blended (Cu~20 %). The mixture is dried in two steam drying ovens in order to reduce the moisture.

Smelting division – The mixture is smelted in a flash smelter in order to achieve partial oxidation and smelt the mixture. As a result of chemical reactions, matte (Cu~65 %) and slag are formed. The technological gases pass from the smelting furnuce into a boiler in order to use the energy from the heat.

Converter division – The matte is transported from the smelting furnuce to converters. Black copper with a concentration of 98-99 % and slag are formed in the conversion process. The slag obtained from the converters and from the smelting furnace is transported to a flotation plant. The sulfuric gases from the smelting furnace and the converters are passed on to produce sulfuric acid. The non-oriented gases coming out when the converters are spun are cleaned with a secondary gas cleaning system.

Anode division – Here the black copper is refined in two anode furnaces in order to increase the purity of the copper above 99.5 %. Anodes are cast according to the specifications of the internal and external clients.