Apprenticeship Program

Our practical training program aims at training young people for specific and highly skilled positions. During the program the participants gain specific know-how and concrete technical skills and experience and build personal responsibility as well as individual development, leading to a professional future filled with many opportunities for a successful career.

The training course lasts  12 months, during which the apprentice will start participating in the plant’s work processes and will also have the opportunity to continue his/her training in a special educational center licensed and supervised by the Ministry of Education, and Science.

Terms of the program

The apprentices will work in the plant under a labor agreement and will receive remuneration according to the remuneration policy related to the specific program. In addition to that, the apprentices are eligible for the social benefits offered to Aurubis employees, such as a daily food allowance in the company cafeteria, transportation to and from the plant, a full insurance package and use of the plant’s health center.

At the end of the first year the apprentices will take an exam. Those who successfully pass the exam will be able to continue the training for the following period. At the end of the program the apprentices will take a final exam on the information and practical knowledge acquired during the practical professional training program. The apprentices who complete the training successfully will receive a professional qualification certificate and the opportunity to start their career at Aurubis Bulgaria.

The start of the program is announced in spring.

In case you are interested in applying for the program, please, send us your CV with a cover letter describing your interests, ideas and plans for your future development.

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