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Aurubis Bulgaria is part of Aurubis AG, Europe’s leading copper producer and world’s largest copper recycler based in Hamburg, Germany. Aurubis Bulgaria is the second largest entity in the country, with structural importance for the economy. Company’s main activities are processing of copper concentrates, production of cathode copper registered on the London Metal Exchange as Pirdop brand, of copper anodes and by-products such as sulfuric acid and iron silicate.


Aurubis Bulgaria plant is located in the Srednogorie region, one of the most beautiful places in the country. From its establishment in 1958 to nowadays the copper plant near Pirdop and Zlatitsa is inseparable part of region’s history and the development of Bulgaria. There is hardly a family from the Srednogorie that has not been in any way part of this journey throughout more than six decades.


Aurubis Bulgaria is also a R&D hub that develop solutions and improvements for copper extraction and environmental protection. The company carries out a sustainable policy of social responsibility at national and regional level focused on support of education, healthcare, culture, local communities, young talents, people with disabilities.

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