The total value of the investments in projects related to improving the water quality has been € 13 million from the year 2000 until now.

Throughout the last few years the efficiency of the existing wastewater cleaning systems has been considerably improved. The sewage networks for industrial and household wastewater have been completely renovated and the rain and drainage sewage has been partially reconstructed. The local cleaning equipment has been renovated (oil and water separators, sedimentation tanks) and new ones have been constructed, which has prevented petroleum products from entering the wastewater that is discharged.

As a result of the measures that have been taken, a constant decrease in the specific emissions of heavy metals has been recorded in the cleaned production wasterwater, as the levels in 2015 were 87 % lower than in 2000.

In order to achieve additional improvements as regards the water quality, it is planned to build a new wastewater treatment plant for the water from the rain and drainage sewage. The investment for its construction amounts to more than € 10 million.

The efficient use of the water resources and the decrease in water consumption is another corporate aim in which there has been a substantial improvement in implementation. The total water consumption at Aurubis Bulgaria in 2015 decreased by 30 % compared to the consumption in 2003.

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