Energy consumption and climate protection

Electricity consumption is among the highest production expenses in the metallurgical process. Because of this, the decrease in the total and specific consumption of electricity is a main priority for the company. To this end, there is an energy efficiency management system operating at Aurubis Bulgaria. As a result of the efforts made, the technological improvements and the process optimization, the total consumption of electricity has decreased by almost 40 % in the latest ten years.

Since 2007 Aurubis Bulgaria has been a participant in the EU greenhouse gas emission trading scheme. Until 2012 the scheme had only covered Aurubis Bulgaria’s steampower station. Within the next phase (2012-2020) the metallurgical production will be included as well.

With the EU greenhouse gas emission trading scheme entering the new phase III, the rules on CO2 monitoring and reporting at Aurubis Bulgaria are being changed and a new greenhouse gas monitoring plan will be made.

In the summer of 2010 a working group was created including representatives of energy and environmental departments in the Aurubis Group as well as external consultants, monitoring experts and greenhouse gas reporting and trading.

Aurubis Bulgaria is constantly making efforts to improve energy efficiency by focusing on organizational and technological solutions. The energy efficiency improvement contributes not only to decreasing the direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions, but also decreases the expenses, which increases the competitiveness of the organization worldwide.


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