SOS Srednogorie Bike tour 2016

On June 25, in Zaimov park in Sofia, was given the official start of “SOS Srednogorie Bike tour 2016”. Hundreds of citizens have supported the tour, which aims to show that the SOS children’s villages’ organization, saying “One hug not warm whole life”. The campaign relies on Face to Face channel, where a team of SOS Children's Villages representatives meets with potential donors and tells them about the Association's activities and invites to register as SOS Friends.

The event is carried out on the initiative of SOS children’s villages with the support of the general sponsor – Aurubis Bulgaria. It was attended by the children from the vocal group "Sweeties-babble" from SOS Children village – Tryavna.

„SOS Srednogorie Bike tour 2016” is continuation of two successful initiatives, established by two boys from the SOS children’s villages – Dani in Bulgaria and Lupcho in Macedonia. They organized the first Balkan bike tour in 2014 “Balkan bike tour 2014” and the second European bike tour in 2015 - „SOS Bike tour Europe 2015”. The boys are led by the desire to share the stories of their lives in SOS Children’s villages and inspire a greater number of people to help and support   children.

In  „SOS Srednogorie Bike tour 2016“, together with Daniel, shoulder to shoulder, stand Mr. Tim Kurth, executive director of Aurubis, as well as a lot of employees of the company, lovers of cycling. The tour was attended by Mr. Krasimir Koev, who is a winner of the Cycle Tour of Bulgaria. To show their empathy and support to the cause, from the start line set out dozens of cyclists.  

The participants in the bike tour will cross the not easy terrain of the sub-Balkan road from Sofia to Pirdop around 90 kilometers.

At the official opening of the cause speeches had been made by Mr. Tim Kurth, executive director of Aurubis Bulgaria and Mr. Ivaylo Gurov, Director of Fundraising and Communications of SOS Children's Villages, as well as Daniel Milenov, initiator of the event.  

 „For a third consecutive year Aurubis Bulgaria is a general partner of SOS children’s villages for the organization of the bike tour. Traditionally we support the development of sport and young talents, and I am happy that this year the tour will finish exactly in the Srednogorie region, where the production site of Aurubis  Bulgaria is. The partnership with SOS children’s villages is an important part of our social program and today, together with my colleagues, we will support the generous cause “One hug not warm whole life”, said Tim Kurth, executive director of Aurubis Bulgaria during the start of the event

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